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It's Bedlam at the Brickhouse

It's Bedlam at the Brickhouse
Crane Cove Park, San Francisco

6:00p Tuesday, June 18, 2024...The June SF-CLSA meeting will be in-person.

Meet up with your colleagues before the summer break. Talk shop...or not!

Brickhouse Bar & Grill (brickhousesf.com)

We have some business to attend to, and we need your voice.

Should SF-CLSA engage with Public Works re the position of the City and County Surveyor? We would like to be involved in the selection process.

Should SF-CLSA explain the functions of the City and Co. Surveyor, and the essential relationship to all development in SF to the PW Commission, and possibly the Board of Supes?

This is important! We need to be involved with the process of filling this position, as well as bring awareness of the importance of this office to the development process...or sit back and watch as it unfolds.