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May meeting notes

May 21, 2024 Meeting Notes. 

Meeting called to order 6:10 Attendees: Dana Baumann, Co, Surveyor CCC, Zach Robinson, SF-CLSA VP/Treas., David Ron, Rob Hanley, Pres.Sec.

April Meeting notes approved.

 Treasurer Report: Zach Robinson obtained account holder rights at WF.  Suggested keeping Eli French as a signatory on the account…Just in Case!

Account has over $4k at present.  Will have a proposal for the June meeting for scholarship distribution for the state CLSA matching.  

 June Meeting: proposed to ask chapter members for preferred June date, Tuesday 06/18 or Sat. 06/22.  David Ron will speak with owner of Brickhouse to reserve a portion of the parklet.  E mail to chapter members ASAP to determine preferred date. 

 David Ron reported that he had spoken with acting City/Co. Surveyor, Bill Blackwell re second prints for subdivision maps, and the timely return of a second checkprint. He stated that the discussion was positive and that Mr. Blackwell understood the concern re the timely return of a 2nd checkprint.

 Re the proposed letter to the PW Dir. and proposed submittal to the PW commissioners:

Dane Baumann suggested a bullet point approach to the crafting of the letter to strongly emphasize the function of the surveyor in the subdivision process, and the resultant housing units that are a result of the actions of the office of the City/Co. Surveyor.  How that office is the portal for achieving the new housing unit mandate,.  Also that new units equal revenue for the City/Co.  Residential units generate property tax revenue, and all subdivision projects begin and end with the office of the City and County Surveyor.  This is an important office, and SF-CLSA is willing and qualified to assist with the process of appointing a qualified candidate for this vitally important office.

It was further suggested that a letter be crafted illustrating these important functions and be read at the PW Commission meeting and the SF-BOS meetings using multiple speakers to maximize the allotted time to speak.

 RH informed the chapter that a revision will be underway immediately.  The chapter will work towards member approval and participation with a presentation to the PW Commission and possibly the SF-BOS.

7:05p Meeting adjourned.   

 Zach+Rob. SF-CLSA  

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