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May 21, SF-CLSA Meeting

May 21, SF-CLSA Meeting

TUESDAY MAY 21, 6:00PM, Zoom meeting with SF-CLSA: See your e mail for invite.

 CCSF has opened the position for the City and County Surveyor. See here: County Surveyor-City & County of San Francisco- SF Public Works (0941) (111599) | City and County of San Francisco

Also, CCSF has openings for Survey positions.  Survey Associate - Street Use and Mapping - Public Works (5314 TPV) | City and County of San Francisco (sf.gov)

Professional Practices Committee: has compiled a guide for mylar submittals to CCSF, See the guidelines here: We can work together to a more productive process!  Thank you to Lou Clem and Greg Ippolito.    LINK for 022403 Newsletter

 April 2024 CLSA Director’s Meeting. The entire report and the minutes are here: REFERENCES

 Treasurer Report.

Office of the City and County Surveyor: 

What is your experience with this office lately?  We are all affected, and we are all concerned.

Question to Chapter: Should SF-CLSA express the concerns of the professional community?  This is a discussion that needs to include All of Us, and our actions must be presented as representing SF-CLSA.  Join this important discussion!